Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS)


Accurate. Wireless. Easy. Fast.

Measure chassis heights quickly, accurately, and wirelessly, and ensure your ride heights are optimized to your chassis builder’s specifications.


> Four wireless sensors for each chassis corner with level mounting options for any chassis.
> Tablet featuring custom app with Standard or Metric units; two or three decimal places or fractional display.
> Save setup data to recall later or compare live setup data side-by-side with prior saves.
> Automatic secure cloud backup ensures setup data is never compromised or lost.
> Input tracks, events, chassis, scale weights and notes.
> Simple and repeatable results.
> Engineered by racers for racers.


Measuring Range: 1.750” – 24.000”
Accuracy: +/- 0.015” or better*
Contents: Four sensors with magnetic floors, one android tablet, one wall cube, USB charging cord, and custom molded carrying case.
Android App: Pre-loaded on tablet for easy access and use. Also available in Google Play Store for free with updates. Cloud backup is automatic and free.


The Creative Racing Chassis Height Measuring System (CHMS) introduces an entirely new patented technology to measure chassis heights accurately, wirelessly, and quickly. Easily save data to the cloud and recall for comparison with current live setup. Four wireless sensors with magnetic floors can either be attached directly to the chassis or with one of three additional mounting options for tubeframes, panhard bars, or torsion bars. View measurements in Standard, Metric, two or three decimal places, or select 1/32”, 1/16” or 1/8” fractional display. Cloud backup is automatic ensuring data will never be lost. Measurements can be taken from virtually any uneven surface, from the ground up, chassis down, or scale pads. Sensors can zero the height of scale pads and save zeros to streamline repeatable measurements taken from the same location. Our CHMS sensor technology and Bluetooth integration mean no more guesswork or laborious manual measurements lying on the ground. Simply attach the sensors, launch the CHMS app, and measure in seconds.

* Depends on conditions. Accuracy is greater at lower distances.
* Accuracy in ideal conditions is as low as +/- 0.005” from 1.750” – 24.000”
* Certain conditions could result in accuracy greater than +/- 0.015”

CHMS sensors_art

CHMS Sensors

Precision. Practicality. Price.

Ease of use equals fast setup. And more efficiency translates to less time wasted on starting baseline setups pre-arrival and between sessions, so you can focus your time, energy, and budget on winning. The CHMS offers the most accuracy on the market or better, at the most affordable price point.


CHMS tablet_art

CHMS Tablet & App

Effortless Logging. Limitless Cloud Backup

The CHMS App is an all-in-one electronic solution to measure ride heights precisely and input track setup notes. Save race specific tire diameters, pressures, and temperatures; shocks and springs; wicker bill; caster, camber, or toe settings along with your ride heights for easy reference.


CHMS chassis_art

Unmatched Handling & Performance

A smarter tool for teams and builders.

The CHMS is designed to help racers and chassis builders optimize setup and performance. Chassis ride heights are the foundation for suspension geometry. An optimal ride height is also the framework around which a racing chassis is designed, engineered, and built from the ground up. It is within this optimum working range that reliable and accurate measurements will yield winning results. The CHMS better equips racers to properly dial in chassis setups to a chassis builder’s specifications. Optimizing chassis heights along with proper scale weights has never been easier or faster.